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Sakura Real Estate Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), this Web site (the "Service" and says) as our privacy policy relating to, the following basic policy and personal information about public matters for the protection of personal information the provisions, will be published.

[Basic policy for the protection of personal information]

The Company, a real estate brokerage as a core business, we provide this service. For your relationship with confidence to all of our customers, considered to be safely manage personal information that we have entrusted to us through this service is imperative, it captures the privacy protection and social responsibility in our corporate activities you have. The Company in order to fulfill this responsibility, established the following personal information protection policy, proper handling of personal information, maintenance, and strive cordial to management.

1. Target

The Company relates to the protection of personal information in accordance with the present service, we will apply the present protection policy.

2. Collection, use and provision of personal information

The Company, with respect to personal information of everyone, do not collect and use without permission without the consent of the person in question. Even in the case have agreed to use only to the extent necessary to and achievement of the purposes we have determined within a range in which only the consent, if the personal information is that there is agreement, the case has been requested on the law and except for the case to be commissioned within the range that is required to achieve the purpose of use, it will not be provided to third parties.

3. Safety protection of personal information

Personal information held by the Company has been strictly controlled. Theft of unauthorized access and personal information to the personal information, loss, destruction, alteration, in order to prevent leakage (leakage), etc., thorough storage, management, and disposal rules of personal information, thoroughly defines the internal rules, to the prevention we will strive.

4. Compliance with laws and internal regulations

The Company, laws and regulations related to personal information, will endeavor to comply with the rules and regulations established by the competent authorities.

5. Responding to complaints and consultation

The Company, when receiving a complaint or consultation from the direction of the person in question or other with respect to the handling of our personal information is, in good faith in response to this, and if necessary we will improve the handling of personal information in the Company .

[Public Notice regarding personal information]

1. Our name

Sakura Real Estate Co., Ltd.

2. Responsible for the protection of personal information

Representative Director Hashimoto Tabito

3. Matters relating to the publication of the use of personal information

In our company, the personal information entrusted to us by the person in question through this service, the guidance of the Company's products and services, the provision of services, it will be used for personal authentication and the like. If you want to use in other purposes, except when purpose is apparent, each time of acquisition from the person in question, it will be explicitly the purpose of use.

4. Collection of personal information by not be recognition method

In this service, in order to improve the convenience, you might want to use the Cookie that has been recorded to a Web server that the person in question is to use automatically get to.

5. Matters relating to personal data held

Your identity verification for customer information using the e-mail inquiry form to get to when you get inquiries from our customers, contact us correspondence, various guidance sending, and you use only for the purpose of performing the other services provided.

6. Third party provision of personal information

The Company, in addition to the cases allowed by law, without obtaining the prior consent of the person in question, there is no possible to provide personal information to a third party.

7. Procedure in accordance with the request for disclosure, etc.

The Company, notification from the person in question the purpose of use of personal information of the personal information held, disclosure, correction of content, add or delete, stop usage, stop provision to erase and a third party (hereinafter collectively "disclosure, etc. If you "and says) there is is the case in which personal information relating is scheduled to be long-term holding is a database, if you have the authority we do disclosure, etc., laws and regulations in confirming the basis of the above, I will accordingly.

(1) items to be subject to the request for disclosure, etc.

"5" All of the personal information as described in

(2) the offer destination of the request for disclosure, etc.

399-9301 Nagano Prefecture Kitaazumi-gun Hakuba Village Kakutaro 6330-3HBC building TEL 0261-72-7070 FAX 0261-72-6123

(3) written commission to be submitted upon disclosure, etc.

It does not set a specific format to be used during disclosure, etc. in our company. As for disclosure, etc. our commission is not in light.。

(4) your identification

Your identification for driver's license when such disclosure, please send a copy of the photo ID such as a passport. Also in the case of contact us by proxy please send both documents to prove the agency relationship.

(5) how to answer

We will respond in writing as a general rule.

8. Complaints of reception desk

It is the same in 7 (2). It should be noted that there is no such authorized personal information protection organization that we belong to.

Please call us for more information.

English Line+81-261-72-6133

Sakura Real Estate Inc.

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